Tennis Playground – University of Nottingham

Here’s a review of a pair of tennis courts located at University of Nottingham, Semenyih, Kajang, Selangor. The courts here are for students only & it is located at the university’s sports center. I’ve been to many institution of higher learning in Klang Valley & most of them has tennis courts but the courts here at Nottingham are definitely not the best.

The surface paint here are almost white washed by the sun & it has a very pale green look now. Its kinda hard to look at the lines as the color of the court is almost white. Court surface condition aside from the color is fine. Lights are ok but can be better with more lights in between of both courts & proper height & angle tuning. One thing I like about the courts here are the ample space from baseline to the back fence. It will be a torture to play on these courts on a sunny day as there a no tree shade & the location of the courts are on top of a small hill…. sorta like a frying pan on a stove.I would rate the courts here 6.5/10.

One thing to learn from building nice tennis courts is never paint the whole tennis playing area with the same color like the ones here in Nottingam University. As time goes by, color will fade off especially if it is an outdoor court & with a single color to the whole area, sooner or later it will pale out & the white lines wont be contrasting anymore for the eyes to see. Always go for 2 color court like the ones at the National tennis center in Jalan Duta which is brick red & dark green because even if the lines fade off, your eyes can still see the baseline distance because of the bi-color court.