Tennis Playground – FRIM tennis court

This is a pair of very nice public tennis courts located inside the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kepong. It is less than 30 mins drive from KL city center to FRIM. Aside from tennis, there are other facilities/activites that you can do at FRIM like badminton, hiking, mountain biking on it’s trail, football, etc. The surrounding are full of trees & the oxygen quality here is pretty nice because of the surrounding forest. You can call up their office for bookings at 03-6279 7561. I would rate the courts here 8/10, it would be 9/10 if they had better lighting. My pictures doesnt do justice here cos of my cheap handphone camera & it was just after a shower, but this pair of courts are really beautiful & still very new by the time of this posting.