Tennis Playground – Clay courts in Singapore

by spurskev

Since its the french open season.. so maybe some people are curious to try out a clay court nearby. I’m not too sure whether there are still clay courts around in M’sia but in Singapore there is one which is open to public. I was eager to try out the clay court and want to know whats the difference from normal hard courts we usually play at.. After first few strokes i felt quite easy to get into motions..There are sometimes some unexpected bounces once in a while where the ball sometimes kicks up very high when there is alot of topspin on the ball. The clay here is of very thin layer and there is sand particles in it which i am not too sure whether a normal court would have or not. I felt it plays almost similar to the hard court and occasionally the weird bounces. I always thought that it would be easy to slide on clay buy I was wrong.. haha. But certainly its worth a try for those die hard tennis fans.. 🙂


Directions: It is located in the alexandra area, at winchester road. The place is not a famous place and it might be hard for the taxi driver to know the place as it quite hidden in. It would better to print out a map and show the taxi driver from alexandra road.. Directions from the website ->
– The nearest MRT would be Redhill or Harbour front MRT.

Rates: SGD 15 per hour and open to public.

Courts: There are 3 clay courts and 1 under renovation when i last went there a week ago.

Facilities: There is toilet and wash room facilities

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