Tennis playground – Desa Park City Club

Two weeks back I had a chance to play at this nice club at Desa Park City that has 4 synthetic grass courts. The surface is soft for the feet but sometimes the ball & the player would skid. It looks like they have good drainage system around the courts but the drains are uncovered & balls can roll into them & would get wet if there is water inside. Anyway this is a members only club & if you’re around there & interested to join this club, you can checkout their official website at¬†here . Below are some pictures that I took & also some that belongs to the Desa Park City’s website. If you would like to checkout this club, the map is above & it is located next to Bandar Sri Menjalara near Kepong. Aside from this nice sports club, Desa Park City has a nice park with a lake & also some nice small shopping¬†buildings & restaurants. It is a very nice small city. Chat about this club here