interview with Hsieh Su-Wei


Two days back, had the chance of having a short interview with 2012 BMW Malaysian Open Champion, Hsieh Su-Wei from Taiwan and Su-Wei has confirmed her participation in the upcoming BMW Malaysian Open 2013 in Royal Selangor Golf Club from 25th feb – 3rd March 2013. Read the interview below:

TM: First of all congratulations on reaching the mixed doubles quarterfinals at the 2013 Australian Open. I’ve seen you outlasting your opponents on hot & tough weather conditions, especially in sunny malaysia & also in Guangzhou last year, whats your secret in maintaining fitness & stamina in such conditions?
A: Thank you! My secret? I think it’s because I’m Asian & I’m used to weather in this region

TM: In Malaysia, tennis is a highly unpopular sport especially among women & most of them are not keen to get into it because they feel that the tennis requires a lot of strength & the racquets are heavy. What can you say here, to get more women into tennis?
A: Try to use two hands because when I was younger I find it tough as well but I adopted the two hander & its fine

TM: Since you are using both hands on both sides, do you use a longer customized racquet for better reach?
A: Yes i use a longer racquet

TM: I see that you in the quarterfinal round in Australia Open mixed doubles now, tell me how it is like to be on the receiving end of the serve from Men who serves like over 190km/h on tour?
A: Its actually very interesting to play mix doubles & very fun as well

TM: Your game play is a bit like agnieszka radwanska & it is enjoyable to watch. Do you try to play your game according to some of your favourite players & which players do you like currently on tour both men & women?
A: I dont copy any players & I play my own game. I like Steffi Graff

TM: Can you tell us about your outfit sponsor now? How is it compared to 361?
A: I’m without a outfit sponsor now & I’m not with 361 one anymore since last year’s Malaysia Open

TM: Thank you very much for the interview & wish u all the best on your double’s quarterfinal at AO & also for next month title defence at BMW Malaysia Open!
A: Thank you very much!