Aslina Chua interview with


Recently, had a chance to interview young & upcoming Malaysian tennis player, Aslina Chua, who just recently participated in the main draw of the BMW Malaysian Open 2013 WTA tournament at Royal Selangor Golf Club, Kuala Lumpur.

TM: How do you feel, entering your first WTA event, the BMW Malaysian Open 2013 recently?
Aslina: It’s been an incredible experience. Every tennis player dreams of playing in the professional circuit, and I got to live my dreams for a while at the BMW Malaysian Open.

TM: What got you into tennis in the first place?
Aslina: I got into tennis when I was 6, around the period when my parents got divorced. I think my father thought tennis was a good way to take my mind off the separation and signed me on to classes.

TM: Are you still in school now? if yes, how is the schedule between your trainings & school studies?
Aslina: I’m currently home schooled, and I try my best to study during the times I’m not on the tennis court!

TM: In your early years prior to your first WTA match, how was your tennis development like? as in which tennis academy & coaches that you have been through .
Aslina: It wasn’t until I reached KL for training purposes (which was last year) that I realised I would like to play professional tennis. From then on, we (me and my team of coaches) worked towards that goal. I have an endless list of coaches that I’ve trained under. I trained back in Kuching at the SLTA (Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association) courts until I was 9 before moving to the Middle East and training there. I now train with national coaches Deen Heshaam, Ashaari Zainal and Joel Macguire at the National Tennis Center in KL.

TM: And throughout all those years in tennis, what, where & who you think made the most significant advancement in your game?
Aslina: Every coach I’ve trained with played an important role in my development. But the decision I made to join the national team and move to KL proved to be the most significant in my advancement.

TM: Do you plan to go professional in tennis & make a career out of it?
Aslina: Yes, I plan to play professional tennis, and to hopefully make a comfortable career out of it.

TM: Based on your level now, what can turn Aslina Chua into a future Grand Slam winner?
Aslina: To be a Grand Slam Champion is never easy. I’ll take it one step at a time and first try to figure out how to be a competent professional player.

TM: In Malaysia, tennis is a highly unpopular sport especially among women & most of them are not keen to get into it because they feel that tennis requires a lot of strength & tennis racquets are heavy. What can you say here, to get more women into tennis?
Aslina: Tennis is actually a great way to workout, keep fit, and lose weight! Don’t mind the weight of the racket, you can always switch to lighter versions. It’s also a great way to socialize!

TM: What racquet are you using and since a lot of asians are shorter than western players, do you use a longer customized racquet for better reach?
Aslina: I use a Wilson Blade 98. Well, most rackets come in standard lengths, and there is no issue reach in accordance to height.

TM: Thank you very much for this interview & wish you all the best in your future undertakings, Aslina. Any shout-outs for your fans & supporters?
Aslina: To the fans, thank you for all the support. My WTA experience wouldn’t have been complete without you. I extend my gratitude to my most enthusiastic supporters- My family and team. Without you guys, nothing is possible.