René Lacoste 12 – RL12 wood & graphite racquet

Taken off the Lacoste page, this is a super sweet & classy wood/graphite racquet that they will be coming up with the production release in 2012. Imagine walking up the tennis lawn at Royal Selangor Club, dressed in all white & with this racquet in hand…. hahaha! The specs are below:

weight 320 grams
headsize 630 sq cm
balance 33.00 cm
stiffness 70RA
string pattern 20 x 16

Lacoste presents the RL12 racquet. Constructed with graphite & wood, providing unrivalled performance and innovation.RL for René Lacoste, a tennis legend but also an innovative inventor. 12 as a nod to the iconic L.12.12 polo shirt.