New Wilson BLX 6.1 on sale!

I dont know how true is this, but the hot new Wilson BLX 6.1 is on sale on this website below. Both the lite & Tour90 version.

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BLX 6.1 Discussion

Below are some pictures of them with specs:


Wilson BLX 6.1 Team 95 Lite(click for larger picture)

head size: 95
weight: 10.9 oz (strung)
length: 27 in
even balance
pattern: 16×20


Wilson BLX 6.1 Tour 90 (click for larger picture)

head size: 90
weight: 12.5 oz (strung)
length: 27 in
12 pts head light
pattern: 16×19

Wilson BLX Tennis Racquets?

Coming January 2010

What is BLX?

A survey of over 600 tennis players revealed a common interest to Wilson, 90% of them wanted a racquet with the right feel, and felt right. So Wilson set out to create a line of racquets that would meet player’s demands…

Feel-Impact information transferred into the players hand

Feel determines the ability to sense the ball coming off the string bed and better control the shot, and this is what connects the ball, racquet, and player’s hand together.

Technology, Material, and Design are all combined in one to bring you the ultimate feel. BLX


Wilson introduces a new material into their highly respected line: Basalt. Basalt is a natural volcanic rock used in manufacturing and made into fine and ultra fine gold fibers. Basalt fibers are enviornmentally friendly and superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, sound insluation, vibration assistance and durability.

With the new BLX line, Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with the innovating [K]arophite Black to create the most advanced composite ever in the industry. Players will find the ultimate in frequency reduction while retaining the performance of carbon fiber in terms of lightness, responsiveness, stability and ridgitiy.

Basalt added into racquets filters out unwanted frequencies (i.e vibrations) that reach the hand to deliver a clean feedback and sensation for the perfect feel players demand!

9 elements of BLX

The BLX line incorporates 9 variables into their racquets.

Frame Technology

Triad technology incorporates Isozorb to seperate the hoop and handle for Maximum Comfort.

FX technology incorporates a quad shaft design for 23% increased torsional stability on off-center hits.

Linear Geometry provides an overall 35% stability increase compared to a classic beam construction

Grommet Designs

Wilson is going to use 3 different grommet designs so players can get the ultimate performance out of their racquets.

Classic-Traditional 22 string movement for a classic response players love.

Double Holes-A bigger hole allowing 26 string movement for a 7% bigger sweetspot

AGT- Articulated Grommet Technology allows an extraordinary 76 string movement for the biggest sweetspot ever (+34%)


3 different grip styles will be available.

Pro Hybrid(1.6mm)- a Leather base will transmit more feel to the player’s hand, a firm PU allows for full racquet sensation and thin diameter will allow players to get a complete feel of the racquet.

Performance Hybrid(1.8mm)-A cotton base allows a softer feel than leather yet firmer feel than foam, excellent moisture absorption. A tackified PU gives players a high performance feeling grip, and the medium thickness @ 1.8mm gives all around racquet control.

Comfort Hybrid(2.0mm)-An Air-Cell foam provides the ultimate in comfort, a soft PU gives players a comfortable and tacky feel. The thick diameter gives players the ultimate cushioning.

With this new line, which BLX racquet is right for me?

Wilson has associated each racquet category with the elements of Fire, Water, and Air to give players a better understanding of their racquet choices.

Fire (Player)-Passion, Heat, and precision.
Water (All Around)-Fluid, versatile, and balanced.
Air (Game Improvement)-Light and maneuverable

Racquet colors are inspired from its element (i.e. water=blue) a common Gold color represent Basalt and Feel.

So what racquet goes where?

Fire Category
-Six One Tour BLX
-Six One 95 BLX
-Six One Team BLX
-Six One Lite BLX
-Pro Tour BLX
-Pro Open BLX
-Pro Team BLX

*Pro Hybrid Grip

Water Category
-Tour BLX
-Tidal Wave BLX
-Coral Wave BLX
-Surge BLX

*Performance Hybrid Grip

Air Category
-Cirrus One BLX
-Khamsin Five BLX 108
-Khamsin Five BLX 98

*Comfort Hybrid Grip

Category Breakdown

Fire: For players who demand maximum feeback at ball contact to sense the sweet spot and flex for ultimate precision

Air: A comfortable touch of the racquet in the player’s hand and smooth sensation during impact

Water: The ability to appreciate where the ball hit the string with a sense of forgiveness to experience the quality of your shot.

source: Wilson