WTA Malaysia Open Venue review

Night time at WTA Malaysia

Night time at WTA Malaysia

I just came back from two quarterfinal matches at the Malaysian WTA in Bukit Kiara. I got lotsa photos for you guys down here. Here’s a summary of what I thought:

1. The venue is really not right for a WTA tournament. It’s held at a members only club & non members have to park miles away & we actually have to wait for a shuttle bus/van to pick us up from the parking area to go to the courts. The courts are too close to trees, leaves falling throughout the matches & players have to pick leaves up while playing… duh

2. Bad crowd turnout… my pictures will explain all.

3. Not enough food & drinks choices …. they just have pizza hut, mineral water, gatorade, some blended coffee that I cant remember & beer!

4. Beer hostesses look good!

5. Everything seem to be in white color there… white tents, white main entrance, white ticket booths & tanned white chicks

6. Court seats are hard plastic & painful for the butt!

7. Lotsa people using brolly while watching…. blockin my view… zzzz

8. Court lighting really good at night!! Loads of flood lights

9. No people means free seating…. Yay!!

10. I havent been to a place with so many horses in my life