Malaysian Open 2010

Just came back from the Finals of Malaysian Open 2010 at Bukit Jalil & here’s my report & some bad quality pictures from my handphone.

1. Bad crowd turnout … worse than last year. 40% of the spectators are foreigners & a big bunch of them are from Kazahkstan

2. Food slightly better than WTA Malaysia Open but no beer else it would be fun to see drunken people searching for their cars in the big car park

3.  Love the speed serve booth… now you’ll know what a wuss you are compared to the pros

4.  Only 2 tennis vendor on site… Wilson & Technifibre

5. Cushion on stadium chair too thin… bring your sitting pillow next year to avoid hemorrhoids

6. Bloody Pizza Hut selling at an increased price on site & I got only 4 slices of pepperoni beef on my personal pan pizza.. @#$%^&!!

7. Why are there so many Kazahkstan people in Kuala Lumpur??

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